Report- More Cardiologists Working for Hospitals

A report from the American College of of Cardiology shows more physicians taking hospital employment.

The survey states that today 35% of cardiologists are employed by a hospitals and 35% are are part of a private practice. Five years ago 59% were in private practice and 11% were employed by hospitals.

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$28.45M FL Verdict

A Florida Jury has awarded a seven year old injured child over $28M from a misdiagnosis of meningitis in 2006. The case is a good example of how long it takes lawuits to play out, appeals are still pending. works with physicians to ensure their prior liabilities are covered when leaving private practice, contact us today.

$24M Louisiana Jury Award

A jury in Louisiana has rendered a verdict for $24M in favor of the family of a brain damaged child.

The child is now nine years old.

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