Utah Insurer to Merge

A Utah malpractice insurance company, Utah Medical Insurance Association, has agreed to a merger with The Doctors Company.

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Rockbridge Purchased by RLI

The purchase of Rockbridge by RLI was announced this morning. Rockbridge had previous been a MGA for National Indemnity, the approximently $20M premium book will be moved to RLI.

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Risks Related from Social Media

Recently FierceHealthcare published an article highlighting the growing, and well known, risks care providers face over the release of patient information over social media. With HIPAA and HITECH increasing penalties, the potential liabilities are growing.

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Inpatient vs Outpatient Claims

An updated study has pulled data from the National Practitioner Data Bank to show the sources of medical malpractice claims.

The paper shows that increasing claims are coming from ambulatory and non-hospital settings, which the AMA says have been ignore in the past.

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Competition for Physicians

To quote an Economist article – “As the world grows older and fatter, competition for health-care workers will only intensify”.

To put your practice in the best possible negotiating position in an environment where competition for doctors is heating up, contact us today. A major negotiating point in an employment or merger discussion is the cost of tailing out a malpractice insurance program.

Economist Article on “Squeezing out the Doctor”

The Economist this week provides an article on the growing trend of integration of physicians and technology in the healthcare system.

As systems grow and become more integrated it will become more and more difficult for physicians to remain independent.

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CA Verdict Reduced

A California jury awarded $1M in damages for pain and suffering to a woman who died after heart surgery. The non-economic award was capped at $250,000 according to state law.

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