Articles on Doctors Looking for an Out

A CNN/ article highlights several doctors who have left their medical practices to peruse more fulfilling ventures. They highlight MDs who have become or exploring careers as writers, a health insurer COO, an investor, a gun shop owner and several consultants.

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FTC Invalidates Doctor’s Noncompetes

As consolidation continues it’s only inevitable that the movement will swing the other way down the road, with physicians leaving health systems to compete.

Medical Justice has a good overview of a recent decision by the Federal Trade Commission to invalidate a physician group’s noncompete agreement to allow them to compete with the hospital they had been employed by.

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Meningitis Pharmacy Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The Massachusetts pharmacy facing hundreds of injured patients from steroids tainted with meningitis has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Although the move is not a surprise, it is a reminder for physicians leaving private practice that third parties can bring physicians into lawsuits unexpectedly.

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Sorry Speeds Claims

A report on the University of Michigan program to apologize proactively for errors speeds up claims, which should help reduce tail insurance exposure and costs.

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Hair Transplant Non-Compete Suit Thrown Out

A Chicago judge has ruled for a former Bosley hair transplant surgeon who left to join competing practice Ziering in neighboring DuPage County. The doctor had faced a $850,000 demand for violating his non-compete.

The order included “Bosley is attempting to expand the scope of the non-competition provision beyond its plain language, which only prevents Dr. Yates from competing with Bosley in Cook County”.

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AMA Releases Principals for Physicians Becoming Employed

The American Medical Association House of Delegates has approved a set of six principals to follow when entering into employment situations.

The guidelines are meant to be a path for physicians and hospitals to follow as integration continues in the health care space.

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Lawsuits Continue over Sale of Practice

An Arizona physician is still fighting his ex-Illinois partners in court of the sale of his practice seven years ago. The most recent law suit asks for $4.3M in damages.

Hasan Merchant who owns Chicago area based Women’s Doc is suing Dr. Richard Demir, who had sold his interest for roughly $400,000.

This is the second lawsuit over the sale.

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$9M Fine for Stark Violations

Freeman Health System in Joplin MO has been levied with a $9.3M fine for incentive payments to physicians.

Physicians leaving a practice with financial interests in outpatient facilities should remember that malpractice claims are not the only potential issue when you leave a group, regulatory investigations should continue to rise.

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