Do you offer payment plans?
No, but it most states we can accept credit cards for a small fee. Many physicians have opened 0% interest credit cards to pay for their insurance. Tail insurance is fully earned, meaning there are no refunds once the policy starts. Because of this the entire amount is due by the effective date of the policy.

My current carrier offered me an unlimited tail, can I buy one a shorter duration?
Yes. In many states the statute of limitations means a 3-5 year tail is just as effective as unlimited but at a lower price. We advise our clients to be mindful of legal changes –  cutting corners now can make employment difficult in the future.

How does tail insurance work?
The following video gives a basic explanation:

Can I take a deductible to save money?
Yes, we help our clients understand the financial implications and cost savings of taking a deductible.

How can your carriers offer a lower price?
Insurance is plagued with the problem of “adverse selection”, those who are most likely to have a claim are the ones most likely to purchase insurance. We help underwriters understand the motivation behind the purchasing of tail to drive rates that are 10-40% below the filed rates offered by standard carriers.

Are the carriers financially secure?
Yes, we only work with financially secure carriers. Many of the stand alone tail providers are better rated than the standard physician markets. provides a full propriety financial analysis  on all available options.

Is staying with my current carrier a better option?
It can be, we pride ourselves on giving conflict free advice to our clients.